Council meetings are held in Snells Hall at 7:30pm on the second Tuesday of each month. An open forum where parishioners can raise questions starts at around 8.00 pm. For more information on Council activities please contact the Clerk to the Council.

Click to view the agenda for the February PC Meeting.

Minutes of Parish Council meetings are available online. Please note that the online versions of the minutes are for quick reference only. The original ratified minutes are available from the Clerk to the Council.

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Parish Council Annual Financial Return
The Annual Return for 2016-2017 has now been audited by the external auditor. The documents available here represent the requisite information referred to in the notice of conclusion of audit and ensure that the Parish Council is compliant with the Transparency Code.
Julia Evans - Clerk and RFO.

Notice of Conclusion of Audit
Audited Annual Return
Internal Audit Statement
Payments Over 100

The Parish Council's Financial Regulations can be found here.

Information published by the OALC about the powers and duties
of Parish Councils can be found

Information for Parish Councillors can be found here.

The Parish Council Calendar can be found

      Working Groups

Clerk to the Council

Julia Evans
Moorcroft, The Greenway
West Hendred, OX12 8RG

01235 833466
email: parishclerk(at)

Catherine Shortis

Councillors' Chairman
  Dr John Sharp
Inish Fail, Orchard Close, EH, OX12 8JW
01235 833367
email: J.V.Sharp(at)

Bulletin & Website
John Sharp
Charles Pappenheim


Christian Bedford
Penny Green, Cat Street, EH, OX12 8JT
07966 661298

email: chris.bedford01(at)

Lengthman Matters
Charles Pappenheim

David Jones
Hollyhock Cottage, Cat St, EH, OX12 8JT
Tel: 07782 326065
email: dkjones31(at)

Courtesy Lighting
Charles Pappenheim
Christian Bedford
Councillor Deputy Chair

Charles Pappenheim
Willow House, Horn Lane, EH, OX12 8LD
Tel: 01235 835014, 07855 835014
email: charles(at)

Harwell Liaison
John Sharp
Stephen Webb

  Catherine Shortis
Oak Barn, Old Road,
EH, OX12 8LQ
Tel: 01235 820284
email: jonathanp.shortis(at)

Rights of Way
Charles Pappenheim
Anne Pappenheim

  Selby Stocks
Portway, Reading Road,
EH, OX12 8JD
Tel: 01235 821740
email: councillorstocks(at)

John Sharp
Charles Pappenheim
Stephen Webb
Julia Evans
  Roger Turnbull
Monks Court, Newbury Road,
EH, OX12 8LG
Tel: 01235 833797
email: roger(at)

Catherine Shortis
Christian Bedford
Roger Turnbull

  Stephen Webb
Chapel House, Chapel Square
EH, OX12 8JN
01235 833395
email: sedwebb(at)

Stephen Webb

  Andy Williams
Victoria Cottage, Newbury Road,
Rowstock, OX11 0JS
01235 832527
email: apwilliams1969(at)


District Councillor
  Michael Murray
The Post House, 7 The Causeway
Steventon, Abingdon, OX13 6SE

email: michael.murray(at)
County Councillor
  Mike Fox-Davies
email: Mike.Fox-Davies